Enjoy HAMMAHALLE Podcast No. 76, this time hammered by CASPARDER from North Yorkshire/England. We love his mixing skills and his passionate enthusiasm: Get ready for a fast & furious ride <3


Casparder, born and raised in North Yorkshire (England) – From birth, Injected with adrenaline, he has been marching his way into the scene with a collection of blood pumping, pulse raising mix’s, creating some rather monstrous frequencies at a rapid full throttle pace.

New founder of his own Hard Techno brand sonic-flux – he intends to elevate the scene in Leeds; while sharing his own love & passion for the darker side of Techno with the community/family that is created.

Expect to catch Casparder shutting down raves near you in the close future with his ruthless velocity of pure power, creating a euphoric thrill in energy throughout the crowd.

About sonic-flux:
I am building the foundation of my own brand sonic-flux for artists to express their own creativity where I feel the expectations of genres and scenes hold them back.
Fuck everyone and any “rules & regulations” – I want people to feel comfortable in expressing them self in pathways they feel they cant venture down because of others expectations.

Dubstep was my musical starting point, hooked by Skrillex’s „Nice Sprites and Scary Monsters“ through Rasta Skullcandy headphones. Transitioned to Bassline, hitting Skepsis & Darkzy’s events in the Fake ID era. Morning bus rides featured my baseline mix, often lulling me to sleep. Drum and bass followed, where I MCed at events. Now, my heart’s captured by Hard Techno in recent years.