Enjoy HAMMAHALLE Podcast No. 75, this time hammered by Seper from Tehran. We love the tracklist and his mixing skills: get ready for a wild and fast ride through gloomy Industrial- and Hard-Techno realms.

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About Seper:
Hello, I am Sepehr from Iran, I am 22 years old and I live in Tehran. I graduated in graphic design and I am currently studying painting in university. I started DJing in 2019, everything started from that moment and now I decided to continue this way and let the darkness grow in me.
I love all kinds of art and I hope I can find a bridge between them all and find a way to connect souls through it.

HAMMAHALLE 75 by Seper


1. Bobby Krlic – Gassed
2. Pomah – Bombay faction
3. Pump the bass (hard trax) unreleased
4. Alod x Sub Imperium – Stay yourself
5. Sub Terra – Medusa
6. War Den – Replanteo
7. Dra Ma – Mental process
8. Hræfn – Fury unleashed
9. Skoutchi99 – Ferning Pattern
10. Parapher – Morbid tales
11. Yuhos – Outraged
12. Vrodak – Ultimate
13. Axciid – Cathartic abbreaction
14. Re:vision – Mourning
15. Ornvion – Thrilling publication
16. Negative x Skoutchi99 – Taw trawah
17. Frik – You fucked me
18. Xmxkx x Cekta x Wilter – Symphony of the night