Enjoy HAMMAHALLE Podcast No. 67, this time hammered by Perry from Iran. Her set combines Hard-Techno and EBM/Electro/Wave influences in a unique way and does the HAMMAHALLE series credit.

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About Perry:

Perry is an iranian underground newborn female dj and event planner in Genres of EBM/Techno/Electro and Dark Wave and Disco, who explored groovy atmospheres moving through energetic tracks,with punk electronic vibes and driving basslines.
In her work, you can also find menacing synths,sometimes sublimated by dramatic breaks, metal guitar riffs or distored vocals,building an unsettling but beautiful vibe. Her journey has just got started and she’s gonna work on her music production very soon.

HAMMAHALLE 67 by Perry


01 Delectro -Mass Destruction(orginal mix)
02 Slasher -Silent Servant
03 Blame The Mono -Crackland
04 XTC V – X-Coast
05 Heart Peaks – System Failure
07 Ron Impro -Indian Rave /Spike Hellis – Flight (PERRY’s Mashup)
08 Nimatekk – Oldschool Rave
09 ARMA – Seraphin
10.Krl Mx – What Does The Bible Say About My Ex?
11 Aligment – Focus And Concentration
12 Alt8 – Valhalla Calling
13 Charlie Spars – Anastasia
14 Der Lehmann – Unloved Hate
15 Disruption – Piece Of Sanity
16 Imachaos – Emotional Burnout
17 Marsi – Durch Die Nacht
18 Disruption – Operator
19 Cardopusher – Delusions
20 Hadone – How To Fake A Success(orginal mix)