Valantino | HAMMAHALLE 60

It’s time for the last HAMMAHALLE podcast this year: So, hammer your way into the new year with No. 60 by Valantino and enjoy the wild ride through Hard-/Acid and Industrial-Techno realms. Happy New Year to all!

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About Valantino:

A fresh face in modern techno, Valantino has a powerful and distinct style showcased in his live DJ sets as well as in his production style.
Valantino creates large scale techno experiences – incorporating hard and peak techno, rave, trance, raw techno, slick hi-tec and dark minimal.
With a a top selling debut EP as well as a slew of releases planned for 2023, not to mention multie shows across various countries within the next few months, Valantino is already proving to be a unique force to watch in modern techno.

HAMMAHALLE 60 by Valantino