Lau.tastic | HAMMAHALLE 55

Enjoy HAMMAHALLE Podcast No. 55, this time hammered by Lau.tastic. A warm welcome Lau.tastic and thank you for the eclectic HAMMAH set through fast Hard- and Industrial-Techno realms.

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About Lau.tastic:
A devout supporter of underground techno since moving to London almost a decade ago, she began mixing in 2018 and has since become a regular on lineups across the city. With a preference for dark and industrial techno, the Spanish-raised DJ and producer draws inspirations from her experiences in the UK capital and Berlin with powerful kicks and basslines regularly woven into her sets.

HAMMAHALLE 55 by Lau.tastic


01 This is noise – Angy kore
02 Acor – We are back
03 Purple caps – karah & DNP
04 Riot – Sara Landry
05 We are superior – BSLS
06 90’s culture – Hardtrax and OBI
07 Evil thoughts – PITCH rmx
08 Keep calm and resist – Alex TB
09 Rock boy – Marco Leckbert
10 Slower please – Luca maier
11 Spread the mercage – Alex TB
12 The vacant heart – Charlie sparks
13 Drvgstore – TRBL
14 Love, death, insensibility – wndrlst