Hammered by SUDZ from Bahrain and he definitely does the HAMMAHALLE series credit with his eclectic and dark industrial style.

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About SUDZ:
Bahrain-based DJ, Sudz has spent over 6 years behind the decks, initially playing Drum and Bass and jungle music but got quickly drawn to the sounds of Techno. Although he doesn’t restrict himself to any particular sub genre in his sets, the focus always remains on keeping the energy on the dancefloor. Known for his fast paced mixing style that can only be described as relentless, he explores sounds from industrial harshness to dark atmospheres, all under a hard 4/4 drumline with little to no respite.

Sudz currently has a monthly residency at fnoobtechno and ultimately aims to bring the harsher and faster techno sounds to Bahrain.

Influenced from the likes of SNTS and Parallx.


1. hel.IV – Vitriol
2. WarinD – When My Girlfriend Make A Joint (Danilo Incorvaia & Empyrean Remix)
3. Ad Nauseam – The Outer Limits (Mickey Nox Remix)
4. Makornik – Guilty fiend
5. Goden – Closed Doors (SubXtort Remix)
6. Violent – Whispers Of Sorrow
7. Lesser Of – In Blind Embrace
8. SWHR – Letters From The Night (Choke)
9. KOZLOV – Unseemly
10. AEIT – Kill Me
11. SNTS – Hopeless (Paula Temple’s Descent Into Madness Remix)
13. HATELOVE – The Black Crow
14. Makornik – Havoc
15. Dave Tarrida – The Destroyer Of Worlds (Ornviom Remix)
16. 7SiNS – Fearing my Demons
17. Niki Istrefi – The Way Of All Fesh
18. Poisonous Birds – We Move, Plastic (Tim Williams Remix)
20. KILL YOUR IDOLS – Die Macht
21. EAS – Curse Crimson (Sweaty Version)
22. MORSURE – Lost
23. Ween Greed – Rawelodon (David Temessi Remix)
24. 753 – All The Lies You Said
25. Hunting Heretics – Inquisition
26. Matt Solomon- Fucking German Techno
27. Simulate – Hello
28. High Rankin – Marduk