Antihetical | HAMMAHALLE 45

HAMMAHALLE Podcast No. 45 was hammered by Antihetical, founder and head of Disrupted Records. He definitely does the HAMMAHALLE series credit with his dark, distorted and fast paced style.

About Antihetical:
Fernando Pinto better known as Antihetical is a reference Dj / Producer of the Colombian underground techno scene with approximately 9 years of experience. He lived in the UK for 4 years where he found his taste for heavy industrial techno and mental dark techno. Antihetical has several major releases on important labels in Europe and South America, and has also participated in major podcasts around the world. His specialty is dark, fast paced rhythms, punctuated kicks and heavy, distorted basslines. He is the founder and owner of DSRTD Records, a Colombian label that searches for the heaviest and darkest exponents of all genres and is currently resident on Obscur Antism Records, KOTL, OND Spaces & Fvll Recordings.

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HAMMAHALLE 45 by Antihetical