Paul Siebzehn | HAMMAHALLE 36

HAMMAHALLE Podcast No. 36 is out, hammered by Paul Siebzehn and he definitely does the HAMMAHALLE series credit.

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About Paul Siebzehn:

Paul Siebzehn was born in 1997 in Naples and moved do Turin at age of 12. He initially played with a traktor controller connected to the pc, but with the passage of time Paul Siebzehn, was not satisfied so he bought a mixer (xone 43) , two cdjs 700 gemini and a turntable on which he never laid hands. As time passed and after so much work he began to have his personalcultural satisfactions of him. This helped to increase an ever stronger passion so he decided to move to an higher mixing level by buying 900 pioneer cdjs and a technics quartz. Paul brings us into the futuristic image of techno proposing an “hard” genre.
To engrave his love for this genre he decides to face the most complicated side of an artist’s career: the production.
Siebzehn doesn’t have an EP yet but it guarantees that something is about to create! He has already had the honor of sharing the console with artists like Airo and Dyen …
And very soon we will hear some good ones!


01 Celsisus – Y4 (KRTM REMIX)
02 Balrog – Nexus
03 Joe Sane – Release My Drums
04 KRTM – Supersoldier
05 Vere – Pearl
06 Vinya- Morn
07 KRTM – Man With Knife
08 KRTM – Purple Fucking Head
09 KRTM – Soleil
10 EXIT7 – Fuck That Shit
11 Veta.M – Slamming
12 Neocortex – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
13 Die Antwoord – Beat Boy (wee man Edit)
14 Sara Landry – Peer Pressure
15 ØTTA – Spun Out
16 ØTTA – Go With The Flow
17 Nene H – Beast
18 CHRS – Metamorphosis
19 Paul Siebzehn – The Wall