Chemical Dumpster | HAMMAHALLE 31

HAMMAHALLE Podcast No. 31 is out and was hammered by Chemical Dumpster and does the HAMMAHALLE series credit.

About Chemical Dumpster:
Chemical Dumpster is a Brazilian DJ and Producer, currently residing in the Techno capital Berlin. His musical life started early, with several influences coming from Punk, Metal, and Progressive Rock. This diversity he tries to show during his sets and productions, trying to mix traumatizing heavy elements with involving vibes to take the listener on a journey.
Techno once was the responsible for giving this musician a life line and the possibility to find and reinvent himself. This eternal gratitude motivates him to give back to the people, now, from the other side of the decks.

HAMMAHALLE 31 by Chemical Dumpster


01 Makornik – Sonic Outburst
02 SWART – Power Lust Greed Fame (Original Mix)
03 WNDRLST – Axis (Original Mix)
04 Michal Jablonski – 1_SD
05 Illiya Korniyenko – Sorrows Of The Underground
06 Blicz – Tbilisian Ride
07 Aahan – Gnawing Pain (Original Mix)
08 Crystal GEometry – No Respect for Officials (Original Mix)
09 Barbatuques – Baianá (CORROID’s Neuinterpretation)
10 Brayan Valenzuela – Sickly Sex Techno-Industrial
11 Shimmer – Creating Yourself (Original Mix)
12 Scalameriya – Imperial Visage (Original Mix)
13 VII Circle – Brutal Void (Original Mix)
14 Samantha Togni – An Invisible Gleam
15 Ruffneck Prime – Sign of the 13th Pyramid (Original Mix)
16 ROT – disgustinghumankind
17 Aahan, The Dag – Venting feat. The Dag
18 Bleim01 – Hypercube (Original Mix)
19 Basswell – Genesis
20 AEIT – Xis Elpirt (Original Mix)
21 Regal (ES), Alien Rain – Acid Affair Pt. 1