Larion Grande | HAMMAHALLE 29

HAMMAHALLE 29 is out on SoundCloud and surprise surprise: No. 29 was not hammered by me this time but from Larion Grande.

Larion started making music in 2017. He got into techno around 2018 and have been following that line ever since. He like to be explosive in his mixes and perform to the max. So drop a little love and thanks for support:


Dahlia – Apoptosis
Aneed – The Fallen
Nico Moreno – Purple Widow
Fenrich – PUSH
WNDRLST – Echoes And Dust
Jäess – Ame Perdure
Nico Moreno – Confined in Hell
6EJOU – Too Many Humans
WNDRLST – Heartbreaker
WNDRLST – Palais de tokyo
Seek The Note – Erase The Secrets

And other unreleased.