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1EXIT7 - The Beauty Of Destruction

The Beauty of Destruction [DR012]

My contribution to the DENSO V.A. is a mixture of Industrial-Techno and Aphex Twin-like sound structures. That was the mission with this track and I would say mission accomplished.

Artists: Antihetical | Byron Alvarado | Domingo Caballero | EXIT7 | Francesco Lolli | Ksenia Kamikaza | Necrosante | Vanya Koreya | Vicaps | Zpectrum


01 AntiheticalHard Techno – Needles in my eyes (Original Mix)
02 Byron Alvarado – 2HÖRny (Original Mix)
03 Domingo Caballero – 9Teen Eighty9 (Original Mix)
04 EXIT7 – The Beauty Of Destruction (Original Mix)
05 Francesco Lolli – Wrong For The Hell (Original Mix)
06 Ksenia Kamikaza – React (Original Mix)
07 Necrosante – 228 (Original Mix)
08 Vanya Koreya – Spectre (Original Mix)
09 Vicaps – Analog Noise (Original Mix)
10 Zpectrum – Tormenta Electronica (Original Mix)

Label: Denso Records [DR012]
Format: Digital
Genre: electronic
Style: Industrial Techno, Hard Techno
Release date: 2022-08-21