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1I Want Techno
3On The Dancefloor

Spleezer – Energy [E7R019]

ENERGY! This EP lives up to its name. Spleezer drew inspiration from a variety of artists and genres, and he’s bundled it all into one EP, sometimes even within a single track, creating a diverse and unique experience. You’ll find hard-hitting, pounding drops, the driving Schranz sound, and also some incredibly melodic sections. As a result, each track boasts its own distinct energy that sets it apart.

Artist: Spleezer
Title: Energy


01 I Want Techno (04:49)
02 Energy (05:33)
03 On the Dancefloor (05:48)

Label: EXIT7 RECORDS [E7R019]
Format: Digital
Genre: electronic
Style: Hard Techno
Release date: 2023-10-13