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1EXIT7 - Metal Squad Anthem


The metal element is symbolic of the process of refining ores into high-quality metals and correspondingly for all human cultural techniques of refining, refining and the production of value.

Of the seasons, the autumn phase is ascribed to metal, the farewell to abundance, to life, to the lightness and warmth of summer. Plants will drop anything superfluous that they don’t need for overwintering and withdraw their fluids all the way inside. Only its bare structure remains. It is an energy movement inwards and downwards, a lowering, condensing and refining, the concentration on the essentials. The emotion of farewell, grief, is also associated with a direction of movement inwards and downwards and is assigned to the metal element accordingly.

Organs of metal are the lungs, which connect us to the pure Qi of heaven through the breath, and the large intestine, which contributes to the clarity within us by eliminating the superfluous and useless.

The color of the metal is white and grey. But also all shiny metallic surfaces, gold and silver are assigned to the metal.

Artists: Aznarrac & Requiem | Tituz | Jori Samarin | MDS | EXIT7


01 Aznarrac & Requiem – Putrefaccion
02 Tituz – Molten Chains
03 Jori Samarin – Double P
04 MDS – Acid Rain
05 EXIT7 – Metal Squad Anthem

Label: Underground Records
Format: Digital
Genre: electronic
Style: Industrial Techno, Hard Techno
Release date: 2022-02-10