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101 Beyond the Walls (Original Mix)
202 Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)
303 Beyond the Mind (Original Mix)
404 Voices (Original Mix)

LSN (IT), MRK23 – Beyond the Mind [E7R015]

Up for a proper dose of hard dark Acid-Techno from Italy?

Artists: LSN (IT), MRK23
Title: Beyond the Mind


01 LSN (IT) – Beyond the Walls (06:33)
02 LSN (IT), MRK23 – Close your Eyes (06:17)
03 LSN (IT) – Beyond the Mind (05:23)
04 LSN (IT) – Voices (07:05)

Label: EXIT7 RECORDS [E7R015]
Format: Digital
Genre: electronic
Style: Hard Techno, Acid Techno
Release date: 2023-06-23