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1Protuberant Ribs (Original Mix)
2Foul Smell (Original Mix)

CZN – Deity ov Death and Destruction [E7R020]

Buried beneath the crust of the Earth host a deity of true evil, gloating over each corpse he’s claimed and relishing the moment at every chance he gets. When night falls, Cizin roams the land crowned by a wreath of dangling human eyeballs, gruesome skeleton figure and arboring a foul, decaying smell. Cizin will reap anything that lives wishing nothing but to fill all the vacancy left in the underworld, where he is thy ruler.

Artist: CZN
Title: Deity ov Death and Destruction


01 Protuberant Ribs (04:10)
02 Foul Smell (03:23)

Label: EXIT7 RECORDS [E7R020]
Format: Digital
Genre: electronic
Style: Industrial Techno, Hard Techno
Release date: 2023-11-10